Who’s my butcher? Seed to Sausage on Ferme Baradieu.

August 17, 2010

To answer Protein University’s Brady Lowe’s question “Who’s Your Butcher?”, I am proud to submit the Famille Chapolard on their Ferme Baradieu to their Video Contest. Vote for the Ferme Baradieu and the Seed to Sausage video- CLICK, WATCH VIDEO & VOTE HERE

“My Butcher” is my farmer, a family of skilled and caring paysans/bouchers, the Famille Chapolard who literally transform ‘semence to saucisson‘ every week, from 150 acres of rich Gascon soil they grow the grain that they feed to their pigs. Every week they slaughter, butcher and make sausages, hams, bacon, coppa, boudin, pate and terrines. Every week they sell this good food at the farmer’s markets just 10 miles away. Come vote for my butcher and the fabulous video created by Lenny and Denise of Chez Us.

If we win, then Dominique Chapolard (representing the whole family) will fly to Ashville, North Carolina to participate in the first ever butcher’s retreat. If we win, we all win as the ‘court circuit’ or short circuit relationship from farmer to consumer helps create better relationships to feed our tables.

If we win, we can help teach more passionate cooks and butchers. That’s the goal, isn’t?

Dominique Chapolard of Ferme Baradieu. Photo: Tim Clinch

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