I heart Artisan Butchers.

September 1, 2010

Meet The Butchers of Moissac.

Learning to cook is learning to shop.

Developing relationships.

Trusting your teachers.

Here at Camont, I have had many teachers over the years. Chief among them are the meat savvy artisan butchers whose skill and commitment to quality, pride in craft and generous spirit results in a new recipe, a great confidence, a memorable meal at Camont.

From these Butchers at Moissac who work under the expert hand of Jean-Francoise Domerc I learned patience. The youngest apprenticeĀ  has been working there for 2 years, and the next 6 years of learning.

Want can I teach in 1, 3 or even 6 weeks? A beginning, but a very good beginning. When we look at Paula Wolfert’s great braised lamb recipe featured on Michael Ruhlmans latest post, I want you to know which cut of lamb to buy, how to cook it and what it should taste like. So, in addition to our Artisan Butcher & Charcuterie programs, I am adding The Meat Sessions to our new schedule of cookery Programs-coming soon February 21-25 2011.

Come ‘meat’ my butchers in Southwest France. They’ll ‘heart’ you, too!

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