Wednesday @ Welbeck- the French Charcuterie Connection

December 8, 2011

A man of many hats, my good friend Dominique Chapolard is a farmer, butcher, charcutier and market vendor. Yet beneath his belles moustaches and easy smile lies The Teacher.  He is the best kind of teacher- passionate, skilled, open, and giving. He cares.

This week at the School of Artisan Food, Dominique trades his signature beret for a white butcher’s trilby. Guiding our diploma butchery students through an introduction to the French Pig and traditional farm-based charcuterie, he begins by sheeting out the rib cage and backbone in a seamless motion. Defining the 10 noix des jambons in the boned leg and using only salt & pepper, Dom encourages the diploma students to discover the pig and let it tell its ‘sweet bright & porky’ story. By day’s end, the whole carcass has been destined to its sweet salty destination.

Tomorrow he’ll be teaching how to make Madame Chapolard’s Paupiettes, one of my favorite featured recipes now located in the sidebar.

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