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bee buzz

it’s all about the buzzzzz: NEW working grrls-at-Camont

April 12, 2012 a petite farm

Oh Honey! Beekeeping-at-Camont, Round 2. A couple summers ago I trapped? caught? coaxed? a wild swarm to move into my waiting hive- la ruche. I savored the summer apiarist antics while discovering the sweet taste of Camont, letting the garden wild up, and learning from my favorite beekeeper- Narcisse Ferronato. The winter was hard, the swarm was fickle, bee […]

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Camont’s New Beekeeper- Narcisse the Sweet

November 15, 2009 a petite farm

When shopping the Le Passage d’Agen market on a Wednesday, I whisper to students and guests that “This man sells the best honey in Gascony!”. I get little patronizing nods, the cameras click away; they love his trim mustaches, the flowing gray locks,  his black Stetson hat. He flirts and poses and sells a few […]

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Miel de Poivre- miracle pepper honey magic

September 29, 2009 all recipes

Dear Queen of Gascon Cuisine, If you could wave your magic bleu doo-rag and teach everyone reading this one very easy recipe, what would it be? Signed, loyal kitchen slave This is it. A miracle sauce to change your life. Easy, cheap and fun. A sure-fire pantry pleaser. Magic in a jar. my new piggery […]

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Ode to a Sweet Bee- or how to relax a garden.

September 4, 2009 bee buzz

I’m turning sweet on you, my friends, here in my untidy parc sauvage, my feathered orchard, my alive-with-critters compound. Honey, you are a busy growing part of my French world and the food we grow to enjoy here at Camont. Within one season of changing my garden habits, Camont has transformed from a tidy, neatly […]

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