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Chicken and Egg- nothing new under the sun…

June 4, 2014 chickens

This little book dropped into my lap yesterday. Actually, it was gently placed in my basket by my bargain hunting sister on a day’s outing with the Camont Crew to the Fête des Plantes in the village of Lamontjoie.  In it is the record of one small chicken/egg producer during the year 1903. Funny how nothing much […]

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Taking care of birdness-at-Camont.

May 25, 2012 a petite farm

This is an Official Warning. A shout to the Wild and Undisciplined Neighbors. A call to arms to protect my brood, my working grrls &  my critters-at-Camont. When Mr. Fox, probably Mrs. Fox, too, attacked yet again my chicken yard, I knew that changes were in order. Out of 8, they left just our most reliable but […]

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Spring Market inspiration. Open your eyes!

May 6, 2012 Camont

Why go to the market? I mean the local farmer’s market, of course. Fresh, simple, direct- a bargain. Inspiring, colorful, nurturing- satisfaction. Diverse, diverting, fun- amused. All those words pop into my head when I think of the many very good markets I can throw a Gascon stone at from Camont. But versatility is reason I stay […]

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Seed-to-Pantry thinking… plant now!

May 4, 2012 Camont

Not too late to plant some seeds. A little patch of fraises des bois planned under the watchful eye of the Scare-Hen.

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Bon Jour les Poulets!

October 26, 2009 a petite farm

Created by Julia Leach, 8-week stagiere at the Kitchen-at-Camont. Fall ’09.

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Sunday Grasse Matinee- hatching ideas

October 25, 2009 a petite farm

I love it when I feel I am in the middle of something. It doesn’t happen often being a bit of a “living on the edge” sort of person- in all senses. But when it does, I feel that delicious “a-ha!” moment welling up out of my back brain and jumping out of my mouth […]

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