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confit de canard

Pop-Up! The Fat Duck Workshop & Cassoulet Supper at Camont

October 13, 2013 Camp Confit

  POP UP FAT DUCK! This Weekend! If you have ever wanted to learn to make confit de canard, rillettes and cassoulet- this is the perfect chance. A Weekend at Camont. A few Delicious Days. A Cassoulet Supper.   We’re throwing a party. A confit-making party all weekend long at Camont in the not yet completed […]

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Preserving + Pantry = Confit de Foie Gras

January 20, 2013 Canning

A tale of many jars begins and ends in a round robin of preserving and Canning-at-Camont. Last September, we made our first batch of Confit de Canard for the 2012 season. 60 Years ago there was water above the stove. That’s the flood mark on the left. When the Confit  de Canard was cooked, processed […]

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Thinking about confit de canard. A seasonal affliction.

January 12, 2013 Canning

Winter rolls through Gascony like a fast train: whistling in through December, screeching to a quick stop for January, and then on the rails again by end of February. That’s how I like my winters- short and sweet as a TGV (Train Grande Vitesse). Winter forces Camont to calm down and take a nap as […]

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A Perfect Cassoulet… or an app 25 years in the making.

December 5, 2012 Camont

Between the initial idea of self-publishing some Food Stories From Gascony to photographing the ‘how-to’ section, Cassoulet-a French Obsession became my own obsession. As you can see from the previous post, I have been talking cassoulet, cooking cassoulet, and eating cassoulet. Not only a celebration of one of France’s most beloved recipes, cassoulet is a perfect […]

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Autumn. Back to School. Charcuterie-at-Camont School.

September 2, 2012 all recipes

The temperature free falls this first September night. It is cold enough to need long sleeves and duvets again as August’s blue moon, hungover from a month of fetes casts her cool light. One minute it’s Summer, the next full on Fall. Pears, Okra, Pumpkins are waiting in the weeks to appear on our menus […]

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march au gras…or what to do with a fat duck: Foie Gras Crumble aux Pain d’Épices

February 9, 2012 Camp Confit

Slipping down the icy Gascon roads to Gimont was an exercise in prudence and haste. The long drive to get to the weekly seasonal Marché au Gras this week was all the more exciting after our freak snowfall and subsequent minus freezing temps created ideal snowboarding conditions. My old Van Rouge was up for the […]

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