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going green bit by bit

frontdoor foraging in the garden-at-camont

April 23, 2012 Camont

“You could plant a stone at Camont and it would grow!” I think of Vetou saying this 20+ years ago as I first started gardening at Camont. First a swath of  English-ish border plants lined the pathway to the canal: poppies, roses, lavender… Next, Jhon Corbin- artist/matelot/friend, created a wine bottle border sculpture- Camont Woman-that […]

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The Golden Egg- chicken love.

October 2, 2009 Camp Camont

These warm fall days inspire lots of things- flanning along the canal, browsing old magazines, sorting the summer pantry… but real work? No, thanks. I’ll look around and stay outside to do some garden chores. It’s been dry since April.  I know this fair weather won’t hold much longer. Rain is sure to come. The […]

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Ode to a Sweet Bee- or how to relax a garden.

September 4, 2009 bee buzz

I’m turning sweet on you, my friends, here in my untidy parc sauvage, my feathered orchard, my alive-with-critters compound. Honey, you are a busy growing part of my French world and the food we grow to enjoy here at Camont. Within one season of changing my garden habits, Camont has transformed from a tidy, neatly […]

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