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HAM FAIR- la Foire au Jambon in Bayonne

by Kate Hill on April 23, 2014

It starts with a parade. Drums, whistles and stomping feet. The Easter Weekend in Bayonne has feted the Foire au Jambon- or Ham Fair for 552 years. Since the 1400′s farmers have brought their wares to the riverside quays of this Port city to share the wealth of the forests and pastures of the Atlantic […]


  At Les Halles- the brick and iron work market in St. Jean de Luz, the French coast, the Basque Countries.  Here, the light is aching clear as the sound of fishing boats rocking in their harbor cradles, small waves sanding the beach, and the clatter of knives and forks from a slew of small […]

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25 Springs… making myself at home.

by Kate Hill on April 7, 2014

I was born under a wandering star… at least that was what the astrologer told my Mom when I was 13. Quadruple Sagittarius with all sorts of trouble rising. What she didn’t say was that as much as I loved traveling, I would dig and dig and dig until I made a strong foundation before […]