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How to make a ham… French style or meet the Jambon de Bayonne IGP

February 21, 2014 #hamheaven

  10 kilogram fresh pork leg & pure salt from Salies de Bearn They say it takes a village… to do a lot things- raise a child, train a dog, create a civilization. In my corner of SW France, it takes this village to make a ham. Not just any ham, but the IGP  (geographically […]

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Let’s talk about charcuterie and how to learn to make it

February 9, 2014 Artisan Butchery & Charcuterie

I am looking at four students at the end of four weeks and one happy French farmer/butcher/teacher. These are the faces of accomplishment and I am proud that we help get them there. Can you picture yourself here? Working with year-old XL pigs (400 lb.), only salt and black pepper as seasoning, and the simple […]

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The House of the Golden Yolk

January 26, 2014 all recipes

It starts here on Christmas Day with the hatching of 5 new Muscovy ducklings by two attentive Maman Ducks. Wrapped up in the gentle peeping, the warning hissing, and the sweet fluffy down, I wasn’t prepared for my two ace mother ducks to start laying again, so soon. This time I decided to practice birth […]

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In the dark kitchen…lightly.

January 16, 2014 everyone

Waking on winter mornings, mild as they have been this year-2014, is a lesson in stealth. I come downstairs quietly to wake not sleeping sister nor snoring beast. The outside critters of Camont are still in the dark and so unless I flush the toilet, the cats remain cozied in the piggery. The chickens and […]

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Gascony Souper Club

January 9, 2014 all recipes

In Gascony, “souper” is the verb used to describe the act of eating. Supping. Having supper. Dining. But when my good friend Vétou says, ‘ On soupe beaucoup ici“, she really means we eat a lot of soup here.  Lunch and dinner. Home, cafe, and restaurant. Even when the menu du jour  says 3-courses, it […]

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What makes good Ham? Reflections on the Pig.

January 2, 2014 #hamheaven

Remember that old joke about the three legged pig? there are thousands of variations here, here and … here. I can’t help but think of this peg-legged guy whenever I hear conversations about making charcuterie. Why eat a pig this good all at once? More like why eat a pig that’s not good at all? […]

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