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New 2014 Programs booking now!

September 1, 2013 everyone

Just click here to see our programs for 2014- now up and booking. New 3 day Cooking-at-Camont and Delicious Days-at-Camont. Calendar on the page.

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French Summer Fun at Camont

June 5, 2012 bread

What were we doing last year at Camont? It was a big year for cherries, gatherings and a lot of cooking. This year the cherries are less abundant but the spirit of summer cooking makes up for it. We (Felix, Steph and I) are foraging the farthest corners of Camont and finding: some cherries for […]

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Could this be your Perfect Pig on an October morning?

October 29, 2009 Autumn

The Agen market is full of surprises on a perfect fall morning. Today, shopping for quince, cress, and cilantro I ran into a drove of pigs. Free-range, pasture-raised French pigs. Like a stage setting, simplicity itself- one knife, a cleaver, a wooden block, & a smile. Julien Veyrac of Tournon d’Agenais No one was more […]

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Bon Jour les Poulets!

October 26, 2009 a petite farm

Created by Julia Leach, 8-week stagiere at the Kitchen-at-Camont. Fall ’09.

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