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Preserving + Pantry = Confit de Foie Gras

January 20, 2013 Canning

A tale of many jars begins and ends in a round robin of preserving and Canning-at-Camont. Last September, we made our first batch of Confit de Canard for the 2012 season. 60 Years ago there was water above the stove. That’s the flood mark on the left. When the Confit  de Canard was cooked, processed […]

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Thinking about confit de canard. A seasonal affliction.

January 12, 2013 Canning

Winter rolls through Gascony like a fast train: whistling in through December, screeching to a quick stop for January, and then on the rails again by end of February. That’s how I like my winters- short and sweet as a TGV (Train Grande Vitesse). Winter forces Camont to calm down and take a nap as […]

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le weekends at Camont: the friends sessions

May 28, 2012 bread

Remember those special times when Bob and George and Willie got together and jammed all night? Or the Duke dropped by with his entourage for a mid-summer masquerade fest? How about when your favorite friends showed up with a hamper full of goodies for an impromptu pique-nique on the terrace? Put them all together, pop open a […]

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May Day ~ Mayday ~ M’aider: in a pickle

May 1, 2012 Camont

May Day. All is quiet this early morning but the vast aviary outside my kitchen door. In France, this first seasonal holiday, Labor Day, is the promise of Summer to be. Although it still smacks of worker’s right and labor issues, waving red flags or lily of the valley, it is just a very quiet day […]

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My Keeping Kitchen! A is for Asparagus

April 26, 2012 all recipes

I’ve always loved the term “a keeping kitchen.” Keeping Kitchen… a place for making food to keep for the winter. an edible way of keeping traditions alive. a gathering then sharing of abundant harvest. Over the years, I’ve referred to my French pantry, the way of keeping it stocked, and the very kitchen at Camont […]

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Jambon de Bayonne en fête! A Basque Country road trip with Kate.

April 10, 2012 charcuterie

What’s red and green and red and white… and ham all over? The Foire au Jambon in the colorful Basque port of Bayonne. A memory of a Bayonne surfaces from a long ago road trip looking for marine goods along the Atlantic coast for my barge, the Julia Hoyt. Rope, cord, and lines I was […]

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