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The House of the Golden Yolk

by Kate Hill on January 26, 2014

It starts here on Christmas Day with the hatching of 5 new Muscovy ducklings by two attentive Maman Ducks. Wrapped up in the gentle peeping, the warning hissing, and the sweet fluffy down, I wasn’t prepared for my two ace mother ducks to start laying again, so soon. This time I decided to practice birth […]


Gascony Souper Club

by Kate Hill on January 9, 2014

In Gascony, “souper” is the verb used to describe the act of eating. Supping. Having supper. Dining. But when my good friend Vétou says, ‘ On soupe beaucoup ici“, she really means we eat a lot of soup here.  Lunch and dinner. Home, cafe, and restaurant. Even when the menu du jour  says 3-courses, it […]


My new year’s wishes for you? Three of my favorite sweet eggy recipes to make. Do it often enough and you can whip them up blindfolded.  Do it with your own eggs from the chicken yard? Hallelujah! A sweet New Year’s Eve surprise for the price of a few golden yolks… Souffléd Omelette 1 2 3 […]