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Duckys- cornmeal ducklard cookies

December 5, 2009 all recipes

It is just 26 days to D-day. January 1 2010 is Duck Day and I’m  counting days to my arrival on Podchef Island to help the @podchef himself, farmer, chef and food guru Neal Foley, kill, cook, cure and eat a few dozen meaty Rouen ducks. Someone declared December as ‘all-duck, all the time’ month. […]

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Camont’s New Beekeeper- Narcisse the Sweet

November 15, 2009 a petite farm

When shopping the Le Passage d’Agen market on a Wednesday, I whisper to students and guests that “This man sells the best honey in Gascony!”. I get little patronizing nods, the cameras click away; they love his trim mustaches, the flowing gray locks,  his black Stetson hat. He flirts and poses and sells a few […]

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and now a word from our sponsors….la basse-cour!

October 23, 2009 a petite farm

This French life is full jour & nuit of good food, hard work, and harvest. Although Camont is no longer the grand historic farm it was in the 18th century, we do stand on centuries of terra firma that resonate of good food cooked largely from la basse-cour- the farmyard of laying hens, ducks, geese […]

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Ode to a Sweet Bee- or how to relax a garden.

September 4, 2009 bee buzz

I’m turning sweet on you, my friends, here in my untidy parc sauvage, my feathered orchard, my alive-with-critters compound. Honey, you are a busy growing part of my French world and the food we grow to enjoy here at Camont. Within one season of changing my garden habits, Camont has transformed from a tidy, neatly […]

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Estouffade: crowing hens…cluck, cluck, cluck whole hog!

August 12, 2009 all recipes

Do you know that hens crow too? The new red hens are starting to lay their first eggs.  When the commotion in the chicken garden reaches a crescendo, I know there is yet another golden yolked egg waiting in the straw nest. But here in Gascony, even little Pigs crow. So when Judy Witts  and […]

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