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Note: ‘Camont’ is the lieu-dit or place name of my house and the site of this old farm built next to the Canal de Garonne; Goulard is the nearest church & hamlet and Ste. Colombe-en-Bruilhois is the name of our village 5 kilometers away on the top of the hill. Agen is our nearest Train station with direct TGV access from Paris as well as commuter and regional trains from Bordeaux and Toulouse. Find Camont on Google Maps.

How to get to Camont

By train from Paris:

Agen is our nearest train station. A direct TGV from Paris Montparnasse runs several times a day and takes 4hrs 20mins. Tickets can be booked here. It’s then a 15-minute taxi ride to Camont. There’s a rank outside, or see here for local firms

By car:

Our satnav address is Camont, 47310 Sainte-Colombe-en-Bruilhois. To get here without the help of satnav, please drop Kate an email for detailed instructions!

By plane:

Although Agen has a modest airport with flights from Paris Orly, we are equidistant from Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Bergerac airports- 1.5 hours. A direct train runs frequently from Bordeaux and Toulouse to Agen; there is no public transport from Bergerac.

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