grrls meat camp workshop: april 12-14

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   The Art of Beef Cutting  &  The French Pig

  Kari Underly & Kate Hill

           “A Grrls Meat Camp® Masterclass & Workshop for Women by Women”

April 12-14, 2013

Hosted by Tricia Houston & Napoleon Ridge Farm, Napoleon KY

Two Days of Expert Demonstration & Hands-On Butchery with Master Butcher Kari Underly- Author of ‘The Art of Beef Cutting”& Founder of Range Inc. and Charcuterie Teacher Kate Hill- Grrls Meat Camp® Founder & Charcuterie-at-Camont- France


Are you a Farmer? A Butcher? A Cook? And a Grrl?

Interested in improving and refining your meat cutting techniques, butchery skills, charcuterie, and meat cooking practices? Join us for the first ever, two-day hands-on workshops and demonstration master classes only for women co-sponsored by Grrls Meat Camp®. Learn about beef and pork anatomy; hone your knife skills; make value-added charcuterie products; create a nose-to-tail butchery approach to your business including costing & marketing.

Grrls Meat Camp® founder and teacher Kate Hill and Kari Underly, master butcher and founder of Range Inc., have created a comprehensive, instructive and inspiring butchery and charcuterie workshop for women working with meat- on farms and ranches, in butcher shops, and in restaurants. Hill and Underly have created a thoughtful and thorough hands-on learning experience to further your own meat-centric world in a non-competitive environment- just for women. Learn, improve and join an active sisterhood of Grrls Meat Camp colleagues.

*Grrls Meat-Up Friday Evening & Guyz & Grrls Potluck BBQ Fundraising Supper on Sunday evening are extra special events open to non-workshop participants. The Next Grrls Meat Camp® Rendezvous is planned for January 2014.



Weekend Schedule:

Friday April 12- Local Grrls Meat-Up for cocktails and dinner. Open to all Grrls- ‘dutch treat’.

Sat-Sunday April 13 & 14- Masterclass & Workshop (fee $875) see below for details

Sunday April 14 Guys & Grrls Potluck BBQ Scholarship Fundraising Supper- Donation at door.

Two-Day Workshop Schedule:

Day One: The Art of Beef Cutting guided by the expert hands of Master Butcher Kari Underly
Morning: Discussion & Demonstration

  • Understanding Beef- Grain and Grass Fed
  • Anatomy 101- that cutting chart brought to life.
  • A Perfect Breakdown from Whole Carcass to Sub Primals by Kari Underly
  • Tender to Tough-Understanding Cuts by Muscle Structure-  theory

Lunch: Round Table Discussion of Farmer to Butcher to Cook Business.

Afternoon: Hands-On Beef Butchery with Kari and Charcuterie with Kate.

  • Cutting Sub-Primals into Modern Cooking Cuts & Charcuterie Cuts. Hands-on-Knives
  • Beef  Charcuterie how curing extends your meat locker. Curing, pickling, smoking & drying
  • The Fifth Quarter of the Beast: cooking with offal. Waste Not.

Evening: Cocktails & a Simple Supper among friends and informal discussion groups

Day Two: Modern Pig Butchery & French Farmstead Charcuterie by Kate Hill and Kari Underly

Morning: Discussion and Demonstration

  • Nose to tail Thinking in rearing pigs- short discussion
  • Half Carcass Breakdown for Charcuterie Cuts. Hands-on
  • Tete to Tail Cochon- whole hog in the traditional French way
  • Team Planning for whole carcass utilization-

Lunch- Farm lunch with open mike discussion

Afternoon:  Hands-on and Transformation

  • Hands-on Half-Carcass Breakdown into traditional charcuterie cuts by teams
  • The Four Steps of Charcuterie
  • Making sausage, pates & terrines,
  • Preparing confit or preserving in fat
  • Quick Cures: whole muscle curing and cooked charcuterie—ventrèche, jambon, loin

Workshop Price: $875 and includes 15 hours instruction, carcass costs, morning coffees, lunches and BBQ supper. Copy of Kari Underly’s The Art of Beef Cutting and Charcuterie-at-Camont workbook, a Wusthof boning knife*, apron & charcuterie-to-go made in class. Does not include: travel, accommodation or other personal expenses.


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Grrls Meat Camp® Workshop Teachers and Leaders

Kari by Heather Immoor

Kari Underly of Range Inc- Chicago

Meet Kari Underly. A third-generation meat cutter, Kari was introduced to the trade by her father at Underly’s Market, a butcher shop and ice cream parlor in Lydick, Indiana. As an adult, she entered a three-year meat cutting apprenticeship program and became a journeyman meat cutter in South Bend, Indiana. Kari continued to develop her cutting skills and product knowledge as well as her business education, savvy and instincts for merchandising and marketing. She was part of the team that implemented the flat iron steak and helped develop the chuck roll for the Beef Checkoff.  Today, retailers, foodservice operators, associations, chefs, and farmers across the country regularly consult Kari’s expertise.

In 2010, Kari won the Cochon 555 Protein University “Who’s your Butchery?” video contest- she was one of just 2 women out of 21 finalists. With more than 20 years in the field as a marketer, educator, master butcher and author, Kari Underly is a rarity- a woman professional in the meat world. Through her company, Range Inc, she is committed to providing sound, research based consult and creative, original solutions and services. Whether you are a retailer, chef, farmer, or food service operator, Kari Underly can provide valuable insight and feasible solutions to streamline your process and improve your profitability.

Based in Chicago, Kari Underly is the founder of  Range Inc. She speaks frequently on the topic of marketing  and conducts training and education seminars for retailers, foodservice operators, trade associations, culinary students, as well as food and meat enthusiasts. Kari is the author of “The Art of Beef Cutting – A Meat Professional’s Guide to Butchering and Merchandising” which was nominated for the 2012 James Beard Foundation Awards and the 2012 International Association of Culinary Professionals Annual Awards. For More Information

Kate Hill in her Kitchen at CamontKate Hill & Gascony, France

Kate Hill, a published author, professional cook, and teacher of 30 years, founded a culinary retreat and cooking school at Camont in 1991 after moving to France from the US. In addition to teaching classic French regional cooking, she created a unique training program for butchery & charcuterie for students working alongside a farmers and butchers in Southwest France. This program, now called Charcuterie-at-Camont, is unique in its approach to teach English speaking students in a French environment. In 2006, Kate began to welcome the first generation of new female butchers looking to learn about the meat craft from the inside of a traditional French farmstead charcuterie business. Among her female students are a Sarah Wong- Seattle Culinary Institute chef educator and Camas Davis- the founder of the Portland Meat Collective.

Kate developed and implemented the first farm-to-fork 10-month Butchery & Charcuterie Diploma course for the School of Artisan Food- UK and has organized international workshops with Dominique Chapolard, presented on the French Charcuterie with Fergus Henderson and Michael Ruhlman for the International Association of Culinary Professionals. Kate is the founder of Grrls Meat Camp®, a networking association dedicated to inspire and instruct women working in meat. She shares her expertise and enthusiasm for teaching other women the good skills of farm-based butchery & charcuterie.

Author of A Culinary Journey in Gascony (Ten Speed Press), Spanish Style (Merrell), and a new iPad app ebook with Blue Crab Labs- Cassoulet- a French Obsession, Kate is now working on a comprehensive guide and interactive e-textbook to French Farmhouse Charcuterie. Her skills at communicating and teaching help inspire the growing confidence for women working in the meat trade. For More information about Kate Hill and the Kitchen-at-Camont

In 2011 she founded Grrls Meat Camp® gathering for the first time at Camont in France. In 2012, she took the concept to Chicago for a US premier. Now, together with Kari Underly, Kate is offering special workshops for women in butchery & charcuterie to help fundraising for scholarships.

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Grrls Meat Camp® FAQS

What is Grrls Meat Camp?

Created in 2011 in France by Kate Hill, Grrls Meat Camp® is an informal not-for-profit organization gathering a community of interested women together for further education, mentoring and celebration. We are building a structure to offer educational and community support to women working with meat.

Our Mission Statement says it all: To inspire, instruct and initiate a sisterhood of farmers, butchers, cooks, and teachers giving voice to women working with food animals and meat.

What are ‘official’ Grrls Meat Camp® activities?

There are four levels of activities:

  1.  ‘Grrls Meat Camp & Rendezvous®’ is the annual, international, and original gathering of like-minded women working with food animals and meat in an informal and non-competitive camp setting. ‘Grrls Meat Camp & Rendezvous’ is a low-cost event organized by a steering committee and manned by volunteers. We are actively seeking sponsors and donations.
  2.  ‘Grrls Meat-Ups®’ are informal regional & local gatherings instigated by members to continue to communicate outside of ‘official events’. Drinks, dinner, & bbqs encourage Grrls to talk to and support each other’s endeavors. These are non-hosted, Dutch treat events open to sponsorship by venue or host.
  3. ‘Grrls Meat Camp Master Classes & Workshops® – Modern Butchery for Women by Women’ are expert instruction in formal demonstration and hands-on workshop format taught by GMC founder Kate Hill and Master Butcher Kari Underly. Directed to serious students, these workshops are often co-sponsored by a venue host. A portion of the workshop participant fees is set aside for Grrls Meat Camp scholarships. Each workshop is also an opportunity to host a regional ‘Grrls Meat-up’ and ‘Guyz & Grrls Meat Camp® Potluck BBQ Fundraising  Supper’.
  4.  ‘Guyz & Grrls Meat Camp® Potluck BBQ Fundraising Supper’  is an informal and fun opportunity to both raise money for GMC scholarships to rendezvous and workshops and include our guy friends and supporters. Paired with a workshop venue, the meat from the workshop is used for the BBQ and we can reach out to our co-ed community supporters.


How do I get more information about Grrls Meat Camp®?

If you are a Grrl:

If you are a Guy, media or a potential sponsor contact:

Is there a website?

               Yes, coming soon-

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Tell me about donating to GMC and Guyz & Grrls Meat Camp Potluck BBQ & Fundraising Supper.

Open to the public and definitely co-ed, our fundraising event is in the spirit of a potluck supper with local chefs and farmers contributing the side dishes for a Tete-to-Tail BBQ. Contributions to the ‘Piggy Bank’ will help offset scholarship costs to future Grrls Meat Camp events. With help from invited supporters, sponsors and professionals, The Supper is also sponsored by our generous Hosts and Sponsors. This event helps us build a broader network of participants and sponsors for future workshop scholarships and educational events. Donations gladly accepted.


Where else can I read about Grrls Meat Camp?

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 Photograph credits: Monica Shaw, Jennifer Marx, Kate Hill & Heather Immoor

* Big Thanks to new Grrls Meat Camp sponsor Wusthof for their generous support.



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