Grrls Meat Camp – Chicago October 25-28 2012

Grrls Meat Camp

October 25-28, 2012

Dear Grrlfriends,

What happens in France, doesn’t always stay in France. Sometimes it travels home. This year we’re taking the Gascon roadshow to Chicago for the Second International All-Grrl, Meatcentric, Gathering of the Clan- Grrls Meat Camp-Chicago. October 25-28 2012. 

Together with locals Kari Underly of Range and Kathy Skutecki aka Stresscake , we have found a campsite- (Thanks Mystic Lake YMCA) - and have posted the Eventbrite signup sheet. Although you have received this link as a special invitation, we are limited in numbers to how many grrls we can accommodate. There will be a first come/first served signup here on Eventbrite. Sharpen your wits and knives, pack a duffle bag of goodies to share, and tell the Boss/BF/GF/Kids au revoir.


What exactly is Grrls Meat Camp?  Everything you think it could be and more- butchery, bonfires, and friendship. Maybe even badges to earn this year. Come learn, teach, talk, inspire, and revel in our combined knowledge. It’s the way Grrls grow best!

Grrls Meat Camp is a cooperative workshop retreat where each participant shares her strengths, resources and  energy in the spirit of Gascon Generosity.


2012 Program:

Thursday October 25- First Night Meat-Up Fiesta in Chicago- Come Meat the Grrls! Dinner, drinks, discussion & dancing…

Friday October 26- Car convoy to Camp at YMCA Mystic Lake, stopping to picnic on a farm and arriving early afternoon. Early evening Edible Show & Tell followed by a Long Distance Potluck Dinner. This is the chance to discover who your colleagues are and what they do. Bring your best self to share at the Big Table.

Saturday October 27- Morning and afternoon workshops and discussions. We’ll be asking people to pair up and submit ideas for these upon confirmation of attendance. Informal but inspired sharing is the key. Earn your Grrls Meat Camp badges and share the knowledge.  Bonfire & BBQ Evening follows.

Sunday October 28- Camp Lazy Breakfast Chats- our own version of TED Talks in PJ’s. (Don’t forget to pack yours!) Afternoon walks, talks, presentations and cooking. This last chance to share and teach is capped by Sunday Supper.

Monday October 29- Morning departure to return to Chicago/Detroit for flights home.

 Grrls Meat Camp Fees for the weekend is just $265 and includes: the rental fees for the camp (Fri-Sun) & most meals at the camp (3 days). Not included: Thursday night in Chicago accommodation & dinner out, beverages at Camp (please BYOB- including non-alcoholic drinks), and any & all transportation. There’ll be a Car Kitty to contribute to once we see who’s coming from where and how and then we’ll make rental car arrangements to share as necessary.

Come. Hop a plane, train or mobylette to Chicago. Let’s work together, in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration, to be inspired and instructed by the generous spirited women farmers and butchers, cooks and artists, friends and neighbors- Grrlfriends in Meat.

Last year was a ball in Gascony. The local ladies- Christiane, Jehanne, Steph, Franny, Theresa and Kate welcomed the well-traveled Cathy, Kari, Camas, Sarah, Barbara, Melora, Rachel and Beth to the French neighborhood markets and farms. What happened was magic. Meat Magic and more. You can read more about it herehere, & here as reported by fearless cub reporter Cathy Barrow both on her blog and for the Washington Post online.

While Grrls Meat Camp is still growing and learning its role, we are keeping the numbers small and by invitation only. If you know a grrl who should be there, please let us know.  If anyone would like to sponsor a student, please contribute on the Eventbrite page! Public Workshops are in the planning to help offset some long distance costs and extend a hand to young butchery students to come.

Best wishes from Gascony, Kate