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Completing a Salt Circle Roadtrip

by Kate Hill on September 24, 2013

one. perfect. anchovy. Fished from the Bay of Biscay, salted just enough, and then perfectly filleted and presented at a most perfect table. Yes, Asador Etxebarri was the ultimate foodie destination on last week’s Salt Circle Roadtrip after 4 days of great picnicking in eccentric places, sleeping in charming inns and hotels, and laughing along […]


Basque Hooky

by Kate Hill on August 25, 2012

Some things are better left unsaid. Like trying to describe the sound of the rocks talking back to the waves. Some things are better not shared. Like the first morning café con leche in the port. Some things are best just as a remembered smile. Like the nostalgic smell of a fishing boat, part diesel/part […]


What’s red and green and red and white… and ham all over? The Foire au Jambon in the colorful Basque port of Bayonne. A memory of a Bayonne surfaces from a long ago road trip looking for marine goods along the Atlantic coast for my barge, the Julia Hoyt. Rope, cord, and lines I was […]