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French Markets

Spring Market inspiration. Open your eyes!

May 6, 2012

Why go to the market? I mean the local farmer’s market, of course. Fresh, simple, direct- a bargain. Inspiring, colorful, nurturing- satisfaction. Diverse, diverting, fun- amused. All those words pop into my head when I think of the many very good markets I can throw a Gascon stone at from Camont. But versatility is reason I stay […]

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May Day ~ Mayday ~ M’aider: in a pickle

May 1, 2012

May Day. All is quiet this early morning but the vast aviary outside my kitchen door. In France, this first seasonal holiday, Labor Day, is the promise of Summer to be. Although it still smacks of worker’s right and labor issues, waving red flags or lily of the valley, it is just a very quiet day […]

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Inspiration rolls into town- Les Fromages de Marie

April 2, 2012

Where does it begin? “It” being the Frenchness of  the good food made here in Gascony. “It” being the idea for recipe. “It’ is an homage to a certain way of life. My life. For me, it begins and ends 100% with a list of names that sketch across the Gascon landscape like 18th Century signatures. Jehanne […]

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