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Weekend Breakfast-at-Camont. Asparagus & HAM

April 28, 2012

It begins here, with two good ingredients. Ham- Eric Ospital’s Ibaiona brand from the Basque Country. Asparagus- local, just picked and carried to the market so fresh it snaps. This week, my Kitchen Godmother, Vétou Pompele,  came by for weekend breakfast (a decidedly not French event) and asked me what I would make for her. I grabbed […]

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les petits gateaux de Marie de Chèvre- little goat’s cheese cakes

April 5, 2012

There is something about these little cheese cakes, tangy with fresh goats cheese- les faiselles- softer than cream cheese, rich but not too. I make them with eggs from the little black hens here at Camont so they are stained deep saffron yellow and taste beyond delicious. I spooned the thick batter into brown paper […]

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MAGYC Pies at Camont

January 20, 2012

There are pies and there are PIES. There is magic and there is MAGYC. And yes, this is a bonafide, real, authentic MAGYC PIE. Over the years, I have dabbled in savoury pies as the visual and gustatory homage to Monsieur Monet’s painted pies here, here and here, of course! But this week as Fran and […]

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