Camp Charcuterie: France

We Teach Old World Traditions & Tastes to the NEw World.

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Camp Charcuterie is a one of a kind foundation course in French butchery & charcuterie course tailored to English speakers and delivered in France. Responding to a growing interest, Kate Hill developed the program with French farmer/butcher Dominique Chapolard. Together they have welcomed star students including:

For over a decade, students have come to Camont to learn the solid Old World traditions based on centuries of gastronomy and sustainable agriculture. We incorporate New World techniques and food safety while retaining the Old World flavors and simplicity. As an experienced chef and teacher, Kate Hill nurtures creativity and product development helping students define their own unique story. Read Camas Davis' new book 'Killing It' for a personal story of one person's time at Camont.

Students learn in a fully integrated and immersive way. The seven-day program at Camont delivers over thirty-five hours of hands-on butchery for charcuterie production, added value production of French charcuterie, business development and support, and food safety basics. Students learn the foundation of the charcutier's craft, the Old World flavors and quality as practiced in the French countryside from pig production to serving good food at the table. School lunches at Camont famously introduce new products and highlight delicious Gascon food using charcuterie. Talk around the table is an integral part of sharing and learning together.

  • Hands-on Butchery for Charcuterie

    • Whole carcass butchery supports a high-yield added value production for your farm, shop or restaurant. We work with you to learn both the approach and the techniques to breakdown fully mature 150-180 kg / 12-18 month old pigs.

    • With charcuterie production in mind, whole carcass to primals to sub-primals creates very little true waste. Trim, fat, skin, and bones are transformed and accounted for in total cost factors.

  • Production of over thirteen French Charcuterie products

    • We chosen a ‘butcher’s dozen’ of classic French farmstead charcuterie products as the Chapolard family and other small producers make on their farms and sell at weekly markets.

    • From fresh raw Saucisse de Toulouse to terrines of Paté de Campagne to smoky small boneless Noix de Jambon, we select four categories of traditional French to implement within a cost effective 6-week time frame.

  • Integrated Food Safety planning begins the minute you start planning.

    • Our approach to Food Safety is as important as selecting the best pork to make your products.

    • We incorporate basic information throughout the workshop, anchoring your Food Safety story to your production from the very beginning.

  • An Introduction to HACCP- what is it and why do I need it?

    • From understanding what Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points is to defining the 12 steps of a HACCP plan, we walk you through the terminology and approach to establishing a Food Safety plan.

      • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a written food safety system that uses a preventative approach that controls for biological, physical, and chemical hazards in food production.

      • From SOPS (standard operating procedures) to Process Flow Diagrams, we introduce you to the foundation material you need to establish your own Food Safety programs.

2019 Dates: October 22-28

2020 Dates: February 17-23- 3 places left. October 5th-11 6 places

Seven Days: Arrival night welcome dinner on Day One; 35 hours instruction over 5 days, depart Day Seven.

Included: All tuition, material costs, workbook, five lunches, two dinners, and local transport provided. Pickup from train station in Agen can be arranged.

Not Included: Travel to and from Agen, lodging, travel and medical insurance (mandatory), evening meals (excluding two dinners), personal expenses, gratuities.

2020 Rates: 3950€

Photographs by  Tim Clinch

Photographs by Tim Clinch