JAmon! Matanza!

Join me and my special guest Chef Jeffrey Weiss (author Charcutería: The Soul of Spain) for a six-day deep dive into the foodways of Andalucia in the Sierra de Aracena in Spain, home to some of the best hams in the worlD!

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Discover the authentic work of raising the famed black footed pig in Andalucía’s rolling dehesa—oak tree pastures and transforming it to some of the most prized charcuterie in the world—jamon, lomo, chorizo. We’ll taste and learn in the sacred halls of the famed Cinco Jotas or 5J’s in Jabugo as well as at smaller eccentric producers in the immediate area. Understanding how the pigs are raised-from the diversity of breed and feeding programs- as well as learning the Spanish approach to whole carcass participating in a farm slaughter or matanza at the Finca Buenvino.

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A couple of months ago, I asked Chef and author Jeff Weiss if he wanted to join me on a special week in Spain, to share the love of Spanish charcutería with a special group. We have presented workshops in the US together highlighting the approach to whole carcass butchery and charcuterie as we practice in France and in Spain and I felt it was time to take it home. And having finally met the wonderful Chesterton family at Finca Buenvino through Photographer Tim Clinch (these photos are all his!), I knew this is where we would base ourselves, assist in their farm slaughter, and tour the fruitful dehesa and facilities at Cinco Jotas with Jago Chesterton as our personal guide.

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For more pictures of the Matanza at Finca Buenvino by award-winning photograph Tim Clinch click here!

There is room for just 6 people to join us for a week as follows: Signup and confirm booking here.

! Jamon & Matanza ! February 11-17 2019.

February 11- Meet me in Sevilla, Spain where we gather together over Sherry and Vermut and discuss the adventures for the week.

February 12- Travel north and west into the Huelva area, home to some of the best black footed pigs and ham makers in the world. We arrive at Finca Buenvino near Aracena, our HQ for the rest of the week. Welcome dinner and exploration of the local area and a taste of Spanish farmhouse cooking.

February 13- A day-long private field trip of the Cinco Jotas (5J’s) pastures with Jago Chesterton, including lunch on the dehesa, followed by a tour of the traditional facility and professional introduction to tasting jamon. What makes their ham one of the most respected in the world? The secrets are in the care and attention at each step of the way.

February 14- a Sweetheart day to explore a smaller excellent producer nearby- the award-winning Eiriz Family who raise and produce one of the best local products on a scale approaching the ecological balance of land to animal to products to consumers.

February 15-16- A two day ritual at Finca BV, the yearly matanza, where you will be able to participate in all parts of the preparation from slaughter to sausage, the trimming and salting of hams, and cooking of fresh Spanish cuts like the secreto and lapluma. Make sure to look at Tim’s pictures of the Finca BV Matanza on the link here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/22844829/MATANZA

February 17- Depart Finca Buenvino after breakfast and head toward Jerez for a stunning farewell Sunday Lunch and sherry tasting in the bodegas and bars. We return late afternoon to Sevilla where we go our separate ways.

Price: 4,479€ per person; Very Small group of 6 only

This special Jamon Edition of Insider’s Andalucia is 6 nights/7 days and includes: 6 nights accommodation- private room with private bath, all meals, cooking classes, tours, events, and butchery experiences, guides and local transportation to and from Sevilla. Does not include independent travel to Sevilla, personal purchases, shipping, travel insurance, and accommodation other than the six nights outlined above (one night Sevilla hotel, 5 nights Finca BV, Aracenas.)