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Cook at Camont

"Camont is my historic 18th-century farmhouse perched on the banks of a sleepy Canal near Agen in Southwest France. This is Gascony!  And from this peaceful and privileged site, I’ve discovered thoughtful producers, dedicated artisans, and an amazing diversity of products from all over Gascony.  It was here, in this kitchen, that I began to learn the culinary traditions which are the large beating heart of Gascon Cooking in Southwest France. We are surrounded by neighboring orchards and the small fertile farms of the Garonne River Valley. For thirty years Camont, her kitchens, and her gardens have been an inspiring location and comfortable setting in which to practice new skills and old food ways. Come cook with me at Camont!"    Kate Hill

Five-day Program
Classic Gascony

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5 days of cooking with Kate Hill at Camont will change the way you look at food, cooking, and eating forever.  Learn the Classic Cooking of Southwest France and Gascony from its abundant local and seasonal produce chosen from farmyard and markets to Camont's own herb garden and potager. Each day's class begins with understanding the best raw materials, learning classic French cooking techniques, and incorporating Gascon farmwife trucs, as Kate shares her own easy approach to defining your cooking style. 

One-Day Cooking Classes at Camont


Day Classes are easy, seasonal, fun, and focused on special projects like Easy French Butter Pastry, Kate's Gascon Mother Sauces, Duck Cookery, etc. We start the day at one of the local farmer's markets and return to Camont's teaching kitchen with full baskets for an afternoon of hands-on learning. Recipes are seasonal, easy, and delicious. A generous teacher, Kate shares her small tips and approachable style to cooking good French food, everyday. Why not come for a day or two while on vacation in the area?        

European Culinary Adventures

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Since 1991, Kate Hill has organized and led special gastronomic tours and road trips for her favorite clients in France and the rest of Europe. Insider's Gascony, Basquelandia (France and Spain's Basque Country), and new in 2018- Insider's Andalucia with photographer Tim Clinch. Join us for one of these special road trips where small groups of like-minded friends, staying in small and grand hotels, eating in starred restaurants and little cafes with time to saunter the old streets of Europe's favorite cities and villages. 

One Day Classes

Cooking at Camont

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Kate Hill's

 Culinary Adventures

Change your perspective. See life from the French side of the mirror.

3 Days & 2 Nights

Lazy Weekends at Camont


Book a gastronomic weekend at Camont for 2-4 people


Camp Charcuterie:France

7-day Foundation course